Anxiety | People Pleasing | Perfectionism | Undercharging | Self-Doubt | Imposter Syndrome | Fear of Rejection | Judgement | Abandonment | Humiliation | Shame | Guilt | Lonlieness
They are the reasons you're stuck in your business.
And why is that important?
Because when you feel stuck, you don't take action.

​​​​​​​Action leads to growth. Growth leads to more money. 
And more money ​​​​​​​allows you to become the woman and influencer you were always meant to be.
I'm Tonya Rineer, founder of Vibe Tribe Coaching. 
If you're here because you want to make more money in your business, you're in the right place! 
Vibe Tribe Coaching offers a combination of personalized strategy + mindset-focused group work that will help you work through your limiting beliefs, discover your greatest strengths. own your value, charge your worth, put yourself "out there" with confidence and  play at a higher level than ever before! If you're ready for your best year in business yet--it starts here!
This is the coaching program you've been waiting for! 

​​​​​​​Never before has there been a business coaching program that helps you overcome the anxiety and fears that come with running a business. But OMG is it needed and I'm so excited about what's inside! 
This is for the woman who: ​​​​​​​
It no longer in "learning mode" with her business. And she's ready to take action!
Knows she is here to achieve great things.
Is ambitious and isn't afraid to work hard to accomplish her goals. 
Is full of ideas and passion, but often second-guesses herself and her abilities.
Longs the freedom and certainty that comes with knowing she's on the right path. 
Wants to be, do and have the life she desires (and to know that's she's worth it). 
Desires to work with clients who value and appreciate her and are happy to invest in the results she brings them. 
Is ready to increase her income, influence and impact and start living the life she was born for. 
Refuses to play small any longer. 
When you first started your business, you were full of enthusiasm. You invested in learning everything there was to learn about how to operate and market your services. You probably DIY'd your own college-level education, am I right? 

And you've realized that there will always be something more to learn. But learning, at this point, isn't going to get you to where you want to go. It's time to take action! It's time to start implementing all the things you already know. 

Even though you know what you "should" be doing, you feel stuck. 

​​​​​​​You're doubting your readiness, your skill set, your ability to serve your ideal clients at a high level. And your offers, prices and willingness to get visible reflect that. 
If there is one thing I've learned in my many years working with women is that when you have mental and emotional blocks that affect your sense of self-confidence, self-worth and self-respect, it becomes impossible to reach your business goals and increase your income to the levels you desire. 

Because even though you want to make more money, you have a deeper desire to make a difference.

​​​​​​​You want to make people happy. You want people to approve of you. You want to feel loved and appreciated. And y​​​​​​​ou need to know that what you charge is a match for the value your clients receive.

If that value is in question, you might be tempted to avoid taking action to move your business forward, or worse, make decisions that hold you back.

The only way you're ever going to reach your business and income goals is if you start believing in yourself!
Do you ever find yourself. . . 
Discounting or underpricing your services because you're afraid if you don't stay competitive, you'll lose potential (or existing) clients?
Giving away your time for free (or going over time on calls/ sessions)?
Feeling overworked and under-appreciated. Even though you go above and beyond, it often goes unnoticed. 
Comparing yourself to others and feeling like you don't measure up. 
Saying yes to clients (even when you want to say no)?
Sitting on a list of ideas but not taking action because you don't know where to start.
Procrastinating. Feeling like there is always something more you need to learn, do or figure out before you're ready to take the next step. 
Playing small or worrying that no one will take you seriously. 
Feeling like an imposter or a fraud and thinking at any moment someone is going to realize you don't know what you're doing. 
Hesitating to put yourself or your offers out there out of fear that no one will buy or worse, they'll buy it and feel disappointed. 
If this is you, Vibe Tribe Coaching was created for you!
You know you need help.
But you're proud, independent and even a little bit stubborn. 
When people look at you, they see an independent and determined woman. 
But more than you care to admit, you just want to break down and cry. 
(And sometimes you do). 

​​​​​​​You have an inner calling, a drive to accomplish great things in this world. 
And you know that your business is the vehicle for change. 
But you keep getting stuck. 

You know what to do, but fear and anxiety keeps you playing small. 
One minute you are high on life- having a great day. 
And the next minute you're down in the dumps doubting yourself again. 
You wonder when it's going to stop. 

You keep hustling.
Buying planners, setting goals, creating new to-do lists.
And hoping that when you get it all done, you'll finally feel like you "made it"
and all these nagging doubts and fears will go away. 
But no matter what you accomplish, they're still there. 

The inner critic in your head won't go away.
You feel like a fraud.
You fear that your work isn't good enough. 
You are a bit of a perfectionist. 
You are a people pleaser. 
And sometimes you feel like you don't fit in. 
And when you're feeling this way, it's lonely and scary.

I know because I've felt that way too! 
And it was those feelings that kept me from putting myself out there,
speaking my truth and valuing my expertise.

It was those feelings that blocked me from making the money I was worth. 

Your Higher Self knows how incredible you are. 
I know how incredible you are. 
And my personal mission is that by joining the Vibe Tribe Coaching program,
​​​​​​​You're going to know it too! 

"I didn't feel worthy of charging more than anyone else doing my job"

When I found Tonya, I was dealing with emotional struggles that I never knew I'd have to deal with in business. I didn’t feel worthy of charging money than anyone else doing my same job. I didn't feel smart enough. I figured my clients would see right through me and know that I was a fraud. Tonya never let me fall, through her individual work with me and the group program, I was able to determine all of the things that had been holding me back. Tonya makes it impossible not to grow your business and live up to your fullest potential. She'll help you build the mindset foundation that you'll carry with you for the rest of your life. You will change in all areas- not just your business. 

​​​​​​​-Sharissa Bradley,
​​​​​​​Independence Through Nutrition

"The single best investment I've made"

Working with Tonya has been the single best investment I've made in my business and myself.  I used to spend hours inside my own head circling around what I "should" be doing.  I hated talking about money, asking for money, and had a hard time charging more than my peers. Now I understand the value I bring, I am now charging almost double, and I can have uncomfortable money conversations without hesitating. Anyone can give you practical advice on what you need to grow a business, but not everyone can lift your vibration so high that you radiate success and happiness.  That is Tonya's magical gift!

-Patricia Fasciotti,
​​​​​​​The Wellness Concierge​​​​​​​

"I more than quadrupled my monthly revenue!"
"Before working with Tonya, I had a handful of clients over the span of a couple months as I started my business. After Tonya helped me to create a solid vision for my business, optimize my schedule and learn to stay focused on what's working, I more than quadrupled my monthly revenue within weeks! Additionally, I now consistently grow my profits every single month."

-Tara Bosler,
​​​​​​​T. Bosler Writing

But you're own blocks and limiting beliefs are holding you back. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

You have a desire to make a difference.
And you deserve to be paid well for the value to provide. 

The Universe wants you to be successful!

If you want to get to the place where you believe that with all your heart and soul. . .​​​​​​ 

I created the Vibe Tribe Coaching Program for you!

I founded the Profit Party podcast and community and wrote the book Mindset Switch to help women get past the mental and emotional "stuff" that keeps them from living the life they deserve.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Over the years, I’ve coached and mentored hundreds of women entrepreneurs--coaches, consultants and service providers, and what I've found is that they are always so much more that they give themselves credit for. When they learn how to ditch the doubt,  embrace their unique value, harness their strengths, that's when they are able to step into their full potential, earn the income they deserve and make the impact they are here to make.

I created the Vibe Tribe Coaching program to fill a gap in the business world. The women I work with are smart, passionate and extremely skilled in what they do. They have a well defined strategy or plan to grow their business. And intellectually it all makes perfect sense. But when it comes to taking the actions that trigger feelings of doubt, fear, shame or guilt, that’s when they get stuck.

That’s because there is something deeper going on--they are blocked both mentally and emotionally. That’s where I come in: I’ve spent years helping women identify and clear the beliefs that are damaging their sense of confidence, power and worthiness.

Inside the Vibe Tribe Coaching Program, I'll help you identify and clear the mental and emotional blocks that are keeping you from getting visible, growing your business, charging your worth and living your soul's purpose. If you're ready to set some serious goals--and then crush them--I'm ready to help you make it happen.

​​​​​​​Cheers to your best year in business yet! 

Tonya XO​​​​​​​

This is no fluff-off program. You will be asked to show up, participate, do the work and take action on what you learn. You will also be asked to do "homework" and you'll be held accountable for the commitments you make.  
Each call will focus on a topic that creates resistance to taking action and making money:  imposter syndrome, confidence, clarity, procrastination, setting boundaries, self worth and value, fear, rejection, judgement, self-promotion, and so much more! 
Once each month, we’ll spend some time setting intentions for the month, and you’ll be assigned an accountability group to keep you on track to meet your goals. I keep track of your goals--and will take steps to hold you accountable too! There is no slacking allowed in this group! 
​​​​​​​During our weekly calls, we’ll leave time for personal coaching. If you've got a problem, I'll help you fix it! Whatever is blocking you, I'll help you identify and release it so that you can keep moving your business forward with confidence.
​​​​​​​Access to our private high-vibe community where you will be loved, encouraged and supported as you clear your blocks and expand your business. I hang out in there daily, too! When you're a part of this family, you'll never feel alone!
​​​​​​​Exclusive access to meditations, visualizations, journal prompts and additional tools to help you get past any emotional block that surfaces. Whatever it takes to keep your vibe high and your energy charged--we'll do it! 
Enjoy members only pricing on anything I release while you're enrolled in the program. This includes workshops, online courses, live events and VIP days. 
When you join the Vibe Tribe Coaching program you'll also get lifetime access to Money Vibes Bootcamp included with your membership!  ($697 value) 
There is no cookie-cutter content in this program. After each call we will focus on a mindset topic that is relevant to your business, and you'll walk away with more confidence and clarity than you've ever felt before!
The best thing about getting clear about who you are, why you're valuable and building the confidence to own your worth is that your vibe goes sky high in the process. You'll know who your ideal clients are, why you want to work with them, and how to align your energy so that attracting them is effortless.
When you discover how magical it feels to work with clients who value your expertise and the results you provide and who are willing to invest in those results, you can command higher prices, work less hours, spend more time doing the things that light you up while increasing your impact and influence in the world indefinitely. Because when you value yourself the rest of the world will too!
Weekly Vibe Tribe Coaching (Group) Calls with Tonya
Learn how to overcome your blocks, up-level your business with confidence, expand your influence and get paid your worth. 
Monthly Intention Setting + Implementation Calls
With the support of your tribe, set goals, create an action plan and commit to taking action. 
Monthly Strategic Planning Workshops
Each month, we'll break into smaller groups to work on helping you plan the details of your business. Topics to be covered are: Pricing, packaging, client onboarding, productivity and calendar planning, self-promotion and visibility, video training and more! 
Private "Ask me Anything" Sessions with Tonya
I open my calendar several days a month for you to book a call and "ask me anything" business or personal. 
Accountability System​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
As long as you show up and do the work, we will hold you accountable. I actually have an assignment book (the kind teachers use) where I'll be keeping track of your homework, intentions and follow-through. 
Personalized Hot Seat Mastermind Sessions 
Get in the "hot seat", ask questions and get feedback on whatever is on your mind. If you've got a problem, we'll help you solve it! 
Vibe Tribe Community
A family of women who already believe in you and want to encourage and support you and help you reach your goals. 
Spiritual Mindset Tools
I share the meditations, visualizations, journal prompts and mindset tools I use to get me out of an emotional funk and back to my high-vibe self. I love them and you're going to love them too!
Members Only Benefits
Get exclusive pricing on anything I release while you're in the program, including workshops, courses, live events and VIP days.
BONUS #1: Money Vibes Bootcamp
Get lifetime access to Money Vibes Bootcamp, an 8-week digital course that will help you makeover your mindset and transform your relationship with money. ($697 value)
I need accountability! How will this program help to keep me accountable?
I will ask you to set monthly goals and intentions and help you create an action plan to achieve your goals. Both your accountability partners and myself will keep you on track by checking in, supporting and cheering you on every step of the way! 
I'm brand new to business, is this program for me?
This is not for entrepreneurs who are brand new to business and who are still getting their feet on the ground. It is a program for women who have already experienced some success in their business and who are ready to take the next step, but are uncertain of what to do next (or know what to do, but aren't taking the action steps to get it done). In our six months together I'm going to help you strategize your next steps, set goals (and hold you accountable to them), clear the blocks that are keeping you from taking action, and empower you to feel crazy confident about your offers, your prices, your visibility plan and what it really takes to get ahead in your business. No more guesswork-this program is about making it happen! 
How much "Tonya time" will I get?
A lot! 😀 In addition to our weekly calls, I spend time inside our Facebook community daily where you can ask me anything. I'm an open book and I will happily teach you everything I know and support you in all the ways I can! 
"Get to the root of what's blocking you."
What I loved about working with Tonya is that she can drill right in and get to the root of what's actually blocking you without you feeling uncomfortable, like most coaches might make you feel. She's a cheerleader, wonderfully quirky and has the most bubbly and fun energy of anyone I've met.

-Mallory Schlabach 
Marketing Magic for Entrepreneurs
"Get to the root of what's blocking you."

"Working with Tonya is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. She has a special energy that helps you really understand that your wildest dreams are not only possible, but that they are already in your grasp just waiting to be realized. Unlike most investments, working with Tonya to change your mindset will actually change your life."

Lizzy Russinko,
Retreat Roadmap

"Tonya is pure magic!"
"After implementing the strategies I learned with Tonya, I went from making $1200 a month (with a $2k profit goal) to having $6000 months with goals to make $10k! Tonya is pure magic!"

-Samantha Johnston, Neapolitan Creative  
When you join the Vibe Tribe Coaching Family, you'll get immediate access to the Vibe Tribe community
​​​​​​​and Money Vibes Bootcamp course. 
The weekly calls will be recorded and accessible in our members-only area using your smart phone, tablet or computer. 

The investment for Vibe Tribe Coaching is only $397 a month (when you pay in full)!
Click the button below to book a 15-minute call and see if Vibe Tribe Coaching is what you need to break through to the next level of growth, income and success in your business. 
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