This is the year!
The year your business takes off. The year you allow it to really take off.
The year you get your money mindset right. The year everything changes. 
And this is where it happens:
Hi, I'm Tonya!

If you don’t know a whole lot about me yet, let me introduce myself. I’m Tonya Rineer – Business Coach, Money Mindset Maven, Author, and lover of coffee, dance parties and 90s hip hop. I’m on a mission to make it super simple for heart-centered spiritual women to attract and receive money in their service-based business. I’ve coached and mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs on how to achieve financial freedom with a business that they love waking up to everyday.

I created this bootcamp as a response to what I’ve seen my clients struggle with-- becoming (and then maintaining) a vibrational match to the money they desire (and deserve). 

They have a deep desire to succeed--and the work ethic to back it up--but their money mindset stops all that abundance from flowing freely to them. They end up focusing on business strategy, marketing plans and sales systems but nothing seems to work. Because deep down they are blocked around receiving money.

Here's the truth: It doesn't matter how great you are at your business, how hard you work or how many new tactics and strategies you try. If your money mindset is a mess, you'll never be able to attract (and keep) the money you desire. 

If you want to earn the money you deserve so that you can vacation, pay off debt, contribute to your household expenses, buy nice things and make a real impact in the world then girlfriend, you have to change your mindset! 

In Money Vibes Bootcamp, I am going to guide you through the process of clearing your money blocks, aligning yourself with the financial wealth you desire and teaching you the practical tools you need to implement to transform your dreams into reality! 

Money Vibes Bootcamp is a TOTAL MINDSET MAKEOVER designed to shift your vibes so you can manifest your the money that fuels your dreams. 

I’ll guide you through how to energetically align with your desires, to discovering what's keeping you from making those desires a reality (and how to fix it), to learning all the steps that will bring your energy higher so you can manifest that beautiful life and booming business you crave. Because, good vibes CREATE financial success, not the other way around.   

This bootcamp is a mix of spiritual exercises and practical tools that will help you shift your vibrational energy and create new, healthy, thought patterns around money . We won’t just talk about philosophy--we’ll be doing homework weeklly and taking practical action steps to transform your thought patterns and help you reach your business and money goals.  

Plus, you’ll have the love and support of the other women in the group-- like-minded business owners who crave high vibes as much as high profits.

Oh, and did I mention, inside the facebook community you get access to me for an entire year to serve as your high-vibe mentor. So no matter what comes up to snuff your momentum, I'll be there to answer your questions and guide you through it!

Have a healthy relationship with money. You have a conflicting beliefs about money- you want more of it, but it feels like a struggle to make it and talking about it brings you to a negative place. 
Feel good about making more money. Making money has always felt like an uphill battle. Your head tells you making money is hard work, but in your heart, you know it can be easier. 
Be supported by women who "get it". You know it's time to believe in yourself and your ability to amp up your manifesting energy. And you're ready to hang out in a place where the vibe is high and the manifesting is contagious. 
Bring a little woo into your business. You consider yourself at least a little bit spiritual and are open-minded about the tools and approaches that can help you manifest the money you desire. 
Get intentional about manifesting. No more hoping for luck or blaming abundance on a happy coincidence. You're ready to create a positive, high-vibe focus and take charge of what you want. 
Make this "money stuff" fun. You started this business because you dreamed of freedom and joy- not hard work and hustle. You're ready to finally start living the life you've been dreaming of, and to feel worthy of your success. 
Then You're Going to Love
Money Vibes Bootcamp!
 Money Vibes Bootcamp is 8 weeks of action-packed lessons and challenges that will take you on a deep-dive onto the mindset work guaranteed to raise your vibe so that you can manifest the money you desire and attract unlimited abundance into your life---right away!
WEEK 1: Setting Clear Money Goals + Getting into the Mindset of Allowing Money to Flow ($297 value)
WEEK 2: Decluttering, Detoxing and Upgrading Your Mindset  ($297 value)
WEEK 3: Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs around Money + Rewriting Your Money Story ($297 value)
WEEK 4:  Energetic Alignment + The Secret to Attracting Money Without Even Trying ($297 value)
WEEK 5:  The Art of Asking + Raising Your Energetic Income Ceiling ($297 value)
WEEK 6:  Master the Art of Allowing + The Only Way to Get Guaranteed Results ($297 value)
WEEK 7:  High Vibe Money Mindset for Couples + Kids ($397 value)
WEEK 8:  Maintaining Your High Vibe + Personalized Coaching with Tonya ($997 value)


BONUS : One year of access to our private high-vibe FB community where you'll find endless support to help you overcome your mindset blocks, tackle life's challenges, celebrate wins and take your manifesting power to the next level- together! (priceless)
BONUS : An interactive workbook and Money Goals planner, designed to help you track your progress seriously up-level your money mindset. ($197 value)
BONUS : Weekly challenges to hold you accountable, keep your vibe high and help you reach your money goals! ($797 value)
BONUS : Live Q+A calls with Tonya where you'll have a chance to ask personalized questions and get support where you need it most. ($2000 value)
BONUS:  Access to Live Manifesting, Mindset and Business-Building Workshops to help you bust through your business blocks and maintain your money-making mojo all year long! ($800 value)
BONUS:  Mindset Troubleshooting Trainings. Mindset is an ongoing process. These trainings will help you zero in on your specific trouble spot while giving you the tools to move past your blocks with ease.  ($997 value)
Imagine what your life and business will be like once you master the the secrets of allowing money to flow easily into your life... and imagine making that transformation in the next 8 weeks!
Stacy Firth
Content Coach
"Before working with Tonya, I was lacking confidence, feeling anxious about not having a plan and also felt a little unprepared to be a business owner-even though I had been doing it for almost 4 years- and I was subconsciously letting those negative vibes bring me and my business down. Now, I own my worth and I am manifesting the clients I want to work with and the good vibes just continue to grow."
Mallory Schlabach
Marketing Coach
"Working on my money mindset has affected more than just my business. It's transformed my family's relationship with money too. We went from being stressed out about a lack of money all the time, to being excited and feeling confident about it. I also was able to get rid of some of my blocks about charging money, having sales conversations and some other woo-woo type things that would normally have made me run in the opposite direction."
Lizzy Russinko
Retreat Planning Consultant
"Working with Tonya is unlike any other anything you’ve ever experienced. She has a special energy that helps you really understand that your wildest dreams are not only possible, but that they are already in your grasp just waiting to be realized. Unlike most investments, working with her to change your mindset will actually change your life."


...but I'm on a mission to help as many women as possible.
So, for a limited time, I'm giving this life-changing 8-week program--with access to me (and all of my high-vibe money-manifesting resources--for an entire year!

>> Only $867 <<

Join the tribe of women who will raise their money vibe, uplevel their biz and rake in some serious cash over the next 8 weeks--and keep it flowing all year long!

This can be your year!

Why wait to start living a life of financial abundance and freedom when

Remember, with this bootcamp you get:
8 weeks of course work to guide you through a complete money mindset makeover
Weekly challenges to help you shift your vibration and attract the clients and money you desire
LIVE coaching sessions that will help you bust through your limiting beliefs and money blocks with ease
Access to LIVE mindset, manifestation + business building workshops
Private Facebook group full of like-minded, high-vibin' women entrepreneurs to share ideas, hold you accountable and support you on your journey to more money
Interactive Workbook + Money Goals Planner
When you do this work, you'll end the eight weeks knowing that everything has changed. You will feel and see abundance everywhere-- in your business, and in your personal life. You will literally feel like a magnet for wealth, opportunity and good vibes! 

The time is now. Raise those money vibes and learn how to manifest the life you've been dreaming about! 
Money Vibes Package Options
Money Vibes Bootcamp
$867 (Save $118)
Pay in Full
  • 8 weeks of intense money mindset curriculum
  • Unlimited Support in our Money Vibes Tribe Facebook Community
  • Weekly Challenges to keep your vibe high
  • Interactive Workbooks and Planners
  • Live Q+A Calls with Tonya to help you bust through your blocks 
  • Tips, Tools and Resources to help you crush your business + money goals
  • 30-day no-risk money back guarantee
  • Bonus: Signed Copy of Mindset Switch
Money Vibes Bootcamp
$197/ month
Extended Easy Pay Option
  • 8 weeks of intense money mindset curriculum
  • Unlimited Support in our Money Vibes Tribe Facebook Community
  • Weekly Challenges to keep your vibe high
  • Interactive Workbooks and Planners
  • Live Q+A Calls with Tonya to help you bust through your blocks 
  • Tips, Tools and Resources to help you crush your business + money goals
  • 30-day no-risk money back guarantee
  • Easy Payment Plan - 5 Months to Pay