Do you want to keep talking about your money blocks
or are you ready to actually get past them?
Because this can be your year.
The year you get your money  mindset on point.
The year your business takes off because you do the work. 
Not the #hustle kind, the inner work that you know is key. 
When? Now. 
Where? Money Vibes Bootcamp!
This program is like no other program out there about money mindset.

Trust me - I’ve seen it all. Money Vibes Bootcamp isn’t only research-based, process-oriented and really freakin’ actionable, it’s also the only program that includes your family. You know - those super important people that fill the majority of your time and your heart? Yeah, I think it’s essential that they get in on this money mindset thing too!

Money Vibes Bootcamp will help you get your family on the same page as you when it comes to mindset and business, and raise the vibe of your whole household!
At the end of this transformational 8-week money mindset program, you will know how to: 
Identify your limiting beliefs & what to do to squash them when they come up
Shift your perspective on any problem so that you can solve it quickly
Control your vibration so that you can stay aware of it and raise it as necessary

Effectively tap into your own intuition on demand like a boss

Identify what has been keeping you stuck so you know what to shift, tweak and overhaul. 

Achieve true clarity in your business, and how to take inspired action to achieve your money goals. 

How to sit back and enjoy the kind of Profit Party you’ve been craving in your biz!

Wait... why is this all about parties…?

Because girl, that's just how I roll!

Hi, I’m Tonya - founder of the Profit Party! If you don’t know a whole lot about me yet, let me introduce myself. I'm a Business Coach, Money Mindset Maven, Author, and lover of coffee, dance parties and 90’s hip hop. I’ve coached and mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs on how to achieve financial freedom with a business that they love waking up to everyday.  I’m on a mission to help women with service-based businesses attract (and feel good about receiving) the money they deserve! 

I created Money Vibes Boot Camp as a response to what I’ve seen tons of my clients struggle with. They have a deep desire to succeed--and the work ethic to back it up--but their money mindset stops all their abundance from flowing freely to them. They end up focusing on business strategy, marketing plans and sales systems but nothing seems to work. Because deep down their beliefs about money and their own self-worth block them from reaching their greatest potential. 

Here's the truth: It doesn't matter how great you are at your business, how hard you work or how many new tactics and strategies you try. If your money mindset is a mess, you'll never be able to attract (and keep) the money you desire.

Ouch. Yes - reality check, indeed, sister.

But trust me - you aren’t alone. There are tons of women entrepreneurs just like you that are struggling with the same blocks. The only difference is, you can change it right now. There’s a reason you’re reading this page. Something about it called to you. It may be that this is the exact thing you need to get you and your business un-stuck. Because the two of you (you and your biz) have a whole lotta money to be makin’ together!

And you are SO ready for that, am I right!?

Let me show you how
Money vibes Bootcamp is laid out:

Week 1 - Money Plan - Get intentional about how much you want to attract and WHY

Week 2 - Sabotaging Habits - Become aware of how you’re standing in your own way so you can create better habits and keep the money you attract
Week 3 - Financial Set Point - Figure out where your current money stories come from, get comfortable with having more, and declutter the negative energy thats blocking your abundance.  
Week 4 - Upgrading your Influencers - Assess the people and messages that surround you so that you can protect your energy and keep your vibe high
Week 5 - Level Up with High-Vibe Emotions - Ways step into your value, heal your relationship with money and tap into the energy of manifestation
Week 6 - Balance Giving & Receiving - Learn the art of giving, receiving, accepting and appreciating as a way to let abundance flow freely to you

Week 7 - Letting Go - Practice detaching from outcomes and allowing the Universe to work its magic and bring you everything you've asked for

Week 8 - Take it Home - Learn how to teach this stuff to your family, integrate it into your daily routines and raise and the vibe in your whole household


Core Content
Foundational money mindset concepts in bite-sized lessons that build on each other and create the foundation for the next.
Energy + Vibe
Strategies to keep your vibe high. Maintaining a high vibration is key and one of the most important skills you'll learn in this program. 

Fun, high-energy weekly challenges that make it easy to implement the lessons, raise your vibe high and achieve your goals. 

*LIVE Calls*
 LIVE hot seat and "Ask Me Anything" calls where you can bring your personal stories to the table – I will coach you through it

But the party doesn’t end there!

After the 8 weeks of content, coaching and mindset transformation, you'll still have a full year of support inside the Vibe Tribe, which is a EXCLUSIVELY for Money Vibes Bootcamp alums! Every single client I’ve worked with - 1:1 or in a group program - has said they just want me in their pocket. You know, for a quick check-in, a vibe-boost or quick reminder about what you already know. So I created the Vibe Tribe so you have access to me and a whole group of supportive women who always have your back.

The Vibe Tribe is a Facebook group full of inspirational messages, little pick-me-ups, and mini lessons so that when things start coming up, I’ll still be there along with a whole community of women who can also lift you up right when you need it!

Stacy Firth
Content Coach
"Before working with Tonya, I was lacking confidence, feeling anxious about not having a plan and also felt a little unprepared to be a business owner-even though I had been doing it for almost 4 years- and I was subconsciously letting those negative vibes bring me and my business down. Now, I own my worth and I am manifesting the clients I want to work with and the good vibes just continue to grow."
Mallory Schlabach
Marketing Coach
"Working on my money mindset has affected more than just my business. It's transformed my family's relationship with money too. We went from being stressed out about a lack of money all the time, to being excited and feeling confident about it. I also was able to get rid of some of my blocks about charging money, having sales conversations and some other woo-woo type things that would normally have made me run in the opposite direction."
Lizzy Russinko
Retreat Planning Consultant
"Working with Tonya is unlike any other anything you’ve ever experienced. She has a special energy that helps you really understand that your wildest dreams are not only possible, but that they are already in your grasp just waiting to be realized. Unlike most investments, working with her to change your mindset will actually change your life."

Clarity around your blocks so you can finally bust through them

An actual system to create the kind of beliefs you want to have for your life and business
Expert guidance and support on the what, why, and how behind mindset, manifesting and making money

A high-vibe tribe that is shifting their energy right alongside of you

Massive accountability and support so you’re not doin’ this thing alone anymore

Enrollment for Money Vibes Bootcamp is currently closed. 

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